January 25 The Downstrokes and The Accelerators

Join us on Saturday 25 at 8pm for The Downstrokes and The Accelerators.

The Downstrokes conjure the spirit and energy of 1970s punk, simultaneously frenetic and melodic. LaFemina and Summerfield bring the classic Les Paul/Telecaster line up front and center while the rhythm section of Wood and Abraham drives it all forward. But it’s not just four-on-the-floor rock n roll: LaFemina’s lyrics put a poetic spin on pop sensibilities, with songs on their first record, New York Girl, garnering comparisons to Patti Smith and Lou Reed. The new e.p. on Snubbed Records shows the band fresh from its appearance at the Savage Mountain Punk Festival, daring listeners to Fall in Love with Punk Rock Again.

The Accelerators are a Union, New Jersey based punk band. The band, influenced largely by the Ramones, was started by singer/bass player/songwriter Ron Nole in 1981 with talented but troubled lead guitarist John T. Hansen, and backed by Dave Ross on drums.

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