Weyerbacher Night

On Tuesday August 7th we hosted an evening with Weyerbacher.

On tap: Bottles
Last Chance IPA
Double Simcoe
Merry Monks
Imperial Pumpkin
Old Heathen

Cassandra Russell (the owner) and staff of Northside Lounge would like to thank Hunterdon Distributors(e.g. Ryan Broderick), Weyerbacher Brewing Co., and last but certainly not least, Natalie DeChico for helping us put together another solid craft beer event at our bar. Once again we have shunned the idea that we could never pull off being a craft beer bar because of where we are located. That notion, that so many people have expressed, is quickly dropping way out of sight from our rearview mirror. However, it is still a driving force for people to come check us out. Well, if it sends people then so be it, but I truly feel that it’s a shame.

Our evening with Natalie and Weyerbacher’s excellent brews went great and a lot of people came from all over to bask in their greatness. Fred Whaley’s (our chef) specials for the evening were received with such excitement and enthusiasm that his Weyerbacher Banh Mi sandwich was so good it sold out. There were many compliments to the chef this evening so we have to thank Chris, this evening’s cook, for keeping up with the orders and pumping out Fred’s dishes with perfection.

For those of you who missed or could not attend, we had Merry Monk’s, Last Chance IPA, Double Simcoe, and 17th Anniversary on tap. Oh, thanks to popular demand and Natalie’s persistence (haha) we tapped Imperial Pumpkin and for a kicker served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if people wanted it. In bottle we had Old Heathen and Heresy. For the chart topper we poured out Sour Black and Riserva samples. All selections went over well and growlers were flowin’.

To all who did attend we thank you for also making this evening a success. Afterall, without you there is no success. The kicker is without Natalie they wouldn’t have stayed. Her brewing know how and knowledge of Weyerbacher’s recipes dominated the evening about as much, if not more than the beer and food. For a change I could goof off with the customers and not be the beer geek (well, at least not so much). She was so good with chatting up the beers with everyone that I didn’t have to run around and was also able to wash dishes to keep the bartenders going. A big thank you to Natalie!!!! Also, a big thanks to Heather and Maura, our bartenders for the evening, for being diligent and entertaining while keeping up with bartending and serving tables.

In a nutshell we had a perfect evening and all parties mentioned made it work. Continue to believe or not in us because either way we’re doing great because of both and it is events like this that reinforce what we set out to do almost 4 years ago. Hey Jeff Rancan and Tony Butillo from Hunterdon, remember when you guys first started working with us? What a difference don’t you think? Anyone who knows these guys have to ask. I think Jeff thought I was insane? Then again I know he still does just ask him about my emails. Cheers and a big thank you to all.

Weyerbacher Brewing Company is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1995 by Dan and Sue Weirback. The brewery is well known for its “huge taste” beers. Most of their brews are high in alcohol, with QUAD clocking in at 11.8% alcohol by volume, and a one-off 10th anniversary ale called Decadence brewed to 13% alcohol by volume. Hops Infusion is one of the bitterest examples of the IPA style. Weyerbacher is also a pioneer of aging beer in wooden barrels previously used for aging bourbon. This process was used to transform Old Heathen into Heresy, Blithering Idiot into Insanity, Merry Monks into Prophecy, and QUAD into Blasphemy. These four styles (imperial stout, barleywine, trippel, and quadrupel) are all very high-alcohol brews with complex flavor profiles; the barrel-aging lends additional oak and whiskey flavors.

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